‘Umari Inc.’ official site reopened.

‘Umari Inc.’ official site has reopened.


‘Japan Local Innovators Committee (JLIC)’ official site opened.

The Japan Local Innovators Committee (JLIC) was established in order to bring together non-Japanese professionals from a variety of disciplines that are deeply invested both personally and professionally in the preservation and development of Japan’s unique cultural resources.
Uniting the members of this committee with individuals, businesses, government, and key industries supporting Japan’s countryside and local regions, the project began in 2012 focusing on projects related to sharing local food cultures across a number of key regions throughout Japan, laying the groundwork for deeper JLIC member collaboration and meaningful development in 2013.

>> Japan Local Innovators Committee (JLIC)


‘Iine! Japan Social Award’

We produced ‘Iine! Japan Social Award’ Project.

>> Iine! Japan Social Award


‘Morning University of Marunouchi’ 2012 Autumn Semester Courses started.

>> Morning University of Marunouchi


‘International TERAKOYA’ started.

International Terakoya provides an environment where people of all ages and backgrounds can learn together, grow together, and support one another in ways that only a diverse and involved local community is able.

>> International TERAKOYA

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