Miwa Kora
Community Artist

Graduating from Yokohama National University with a specialization in education, this Tokushima native spent the first leg of her professional career at the Benesse Corporation specializing in high school-related business program development. Shifting then from corporate giant to venture startup, Miwa was instrumental in developing new models for bridging traditional education and social design. Her participation in the Nature Art Anthroposophy program ‘Hibiki no Mura’ in Hokkaido further educated and inspired her to examine the role and potential of community schools and their related business design.

Miwa became an official part of the Umari family in 2013, focusing on incorporating traditional performing arts and related local culture with regional branding and rural design. Focusing on community development-focused workshops and programs, she dances nimbly between a number of platforms as a creator, instructor, and performer.

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