Mikiko Sato
Backstage Director

Born and raised in Japan’s busy metropolis, after graduating with a law degree from Waseda University she ventured overseas where she obtained a masters degree in international law from Lund University in Sweden. Following work at a Tokyo law office, she shifted careers and direction a bit by taking a position with Jobweb Inc., handling a bit of everything in the back office while heading up employee training programs and related operations.

Mikiko joined the Umari team in January of 2014, and contrary to her original goal of quietly manipulating the set from backstage, it soon became plainly obvious that she could not possible be constrained to the shadows, making her probably the most conspicuous stage hand the Umari theatre has ever seen.

While managing office-related affairs, she develops and assists with programs exploring avenues for passing on elements Japanese tradition and culture, as well as the mysteries of the cosmos. Apparently, these two things have much more in common than one might think.

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