Hima Furuta
Project Designer / Umani Inc. CEO

Born and raised in the heart of Tokyo, Hima voluntarily cut is higher education career at Keio University short in order to pursue actual projects in a live setting with direct impact on working, thriving communities. He has since gone on to work within the field of corporate branding, as well as act as lead designer spearheading a great variety of innovative projects focusing on regional development throughout rural Japan, with the Morning University of Marunouchi being rather exemplary of his goals and ambition.

Connecting local food and growers with Tokyo-style entertainment, Hima established the revolutionary restaurant, Roppongi Nouen, further extending the breadth of entertainment through local food culture to span multiple generations with restaurant, Mukashi Mirai Gohan, sharing the timeless nature of Japan’s food and related culture and lifestyle.

Hima is currently focused on working with growers and agriculture producers of in the disaster-stricken Tohoku region of northeastern Japan, helping turn local growers into professionals with the business know-how needed in order to redevelop the region in a way that puts local agriculture and food cutlure at t

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